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Monthly Archives: October 2021



  Pay attention to the daily use of wiper blades   For the wiper blade, we should use and maintain it correctly . Extend the service life of the wiper and slow down the aging of the rubber . The following suggestions for daily use : 1. The wiper blade should be used with glass water in sunny days, and do not dry it without water .  2. The windshield should also be cleaned when cleaning the exterior of the vehicle to avoid some sand and dirt remaining on it from being attached to the wiper blade . 3. Clean the wiper blade rubber regularly to avoid residual stains from corroding the wiper blade and affecting the cleaning effect . 4. In winter , if the windshield has obvious snow or icing phenomenon , it is recommended to wipe off the snow or ice particles before using a wiper to prevent the wiper from swinging on the snow surface and causing deformation  . 5. After rain and snow, clean the wiper strip with clean water ... read more

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